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Our Journey

In the summer of 2019, we started our journey as Cochoa to craft the finest chocolates on the planet. After 4 successful years, a realisation reshaped our path.

We pressed the Reset button. On December 1, 2023, we said goodbye to Cochoa and our beloved milk chocolates. This marked the birth of Oona.

With Oona, we have embarked on a new adventure. Our mission: to make life better through cacao.

What We Do At Oona

We believe in the transformative power of Cacao. Cacao calms. It makes you joyful. It makes you more mindful and aware. In a world that is only getting angrier by the day, we all need a little peace. At Oona, we create cacao that not only tastes exceptional but also makes you feel better. Good chemical-free ingredients, freshly ground cacao and a purpose to create and do good at all times no matter the cost.

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Meet the Founders

I believe that we are all here to make a difference, to stir the pot of the world in the best way possible. Life, for what it is, may bring unexpected twists that completely alter our course. For me, it was cacao. This magical bean not only shifted my path but also showed me its power to heal and transform us from the inside out. Imagine that—a world brought together as one, finding peace through cacao.

— Sai - Founder, Oona

Our History


Before The Beginning

Passion for nature sparked the idea to create chocolates during a trip to the Himalayas in 2018. Sai, an engineer with no culinary experience, embraced the idea, leading to the creation of "Cochoa." He left his corporate job to intern with a chocolate maker.


The Beginning

After 6 months of learning, Sai officially founded "Cochoa" in early-mid 2019, with a focus on producing exceptional chocolates using ethically sourced, raw, and natural ingredients while bringing about a positive change in the world.


Move to the mountains

We created chocolates inspired by nature but felt disconnected in the concrete jungle of the city. The pandemic prompted a move to the mountains in early 2021, providing a fresh start aligned with our principles.



Being in nature shaped a holistic view towards work, food, and life. We began to see food as an act of love, made with love, essential for peace. The focus shifted to creating good food, which led us to discontinue all our highly loved milk chocolates.



With the new direction, we felt the need for a new name. We chose 'OONA', a name symbolizing unity and universality. The new logo, a pinwheel, represents freedom and joy. This change marks a shift towards a focus on peace and well-being in food and life. To a new journey.