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Oona's Sourcing Standards

At Oona, we believe food is sacred. So a great effort goes into sourcing ingredients that are not just grown well but also ethically and sustainably.

How We Source Our Ingredients


Organically grown in accordance with the principles of nature. No herbicides, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used.

Sustainable & Biodiverse

Sustainably sourced, farmed or wildly grown. Regenerative and biodiverse (food grown in a complete bio-system, naturally regenerating soil, reduces runoff, sustainable).

Non-GMO, Non-irradiated

Simply that.

Raw and minimally processed

All of our ingredients are sourced raw or in the farm dried form. Never industrially processed.


We source seasonal ingredients that grow naturally at different times of the year.


reduces carbon-emissions from long-distance transport, arrives fresh.

No to artificial

We say no to artificial. No artificial flavours, preservatives or anything else.

We Support

Direct Trade and Fair Wages

We source 100% of our ingredients directly from farms (normally a farm or farmers co-operative). By doing this, we tremendously increase the amount we can pay to our partner farms.

Always Fresh

'Do no evil.' Simple to say but difficult to be. No child labour, no human abuse, no animal abuse, no slavery on our partner farms.

Low Impact and Minimal Packaging

No plastic, no chemicals, recycled paper, zero harm shipping box and finally very own house-made natural ice pack. All to make sure that we do no evil.

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Raw and Minimally Processed

All of our products are shipped fresh between 0-15 days from the day of grinding.

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