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We were in the mountains in the peak of summer in our small cottage overlooking the Himalayas which seemed far away. Every morning we would come out and sit under the apricot tree and watch the day go by. We spent the days under the tree, sometimes on the swing hung to the branch or sometimes on the stone bench reading or just lie under the shade.

One day, apricots rained on us. ‘Tup, tup, tup, tup,’ the apricots kept falling on the ground all day long. We were surrounded by apricots with one even falling on my head. I grabbed one and took a bite. With the first bite, the soft smooth flesh of the apricot burst out with its juices. Grown without any chemicals, it was like nothing before. Till that day we didn’t know what ‘fresh’ really tasted like.

We are told by companies, government, people and possibly everything around us that packaged food are safer, better since they have been made using highly safe practices. But don’t they all compromise on the raw material quality? Doesn’t food lose all its nutrients with excess processing? These questions may not be important to the organisations and maybe the government too but they are important to us. We all deserve good food.

Good and fresh food does not mean letting go of pizzas and burgers. It does not mean skipping on our chocolates. It just means that let’s make them from organic or ideally biodiversity friendly ingredients and have them fresh. Imagine a pizza base made right in front of your eyes with fresh dough and fresh tomato sauce poured on it and topped with good unprocessed cheese. Imagine your burger with fresh patty and tomato sauce made right at the restaurant. And finally imagine grabbing a bite of chocolate freshly made from cocoa beans and packed and sent directly to you. Isn’t this how food should be like – Good, fresh and truly tasty?

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